Customer Support & Training

Because we have teams in London, Hong Kong and Panama, we can offer our customers 24/7 multilingual support. Our global team of product experts provide service support, technical support, training, troubleshooting and diagnostics around the clock, by phone and email.

Dedicated support teams provide one-to-one product training to all new customers, either in person or remotely via screen sharing software. Our training programme means customers can experience the full benefits of our products immediately. All our products and services are provided with complete documentation.

We offer you:

  • 24/7 multilingual support from our teams in London, Hong Kong & Panama
  • Email support we aim to respond to your email within 3 hours.
  • Phone support call us +44 20 7313 7403 at any time.
  • Self-help download user guides, installation guides, troubleshooting guides and more.
  • Real people we're not nameless faces. Our support representatives will teach, train and support you, every step of the way.
  • One-to-one training to get you started, we offer free one-to-one product training.
  • Partner support our approved partners are Pole Star trained and based in your local area.

Contact Customer Support

If you are currently an active Pole Star or Purplefinder subscriber and need assistance, please call +44 20 7313 7403 or email us at